Online Drum Lessons
Online Drum Lessons
Online Drum Lessons
Online drum lessons
Online Drum Lessons
Beginning Drum Lessons, Online Begiggning Drum Lessons, Sault Ste Marie Beginning Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons Customized for All Needs    

  Introductory Drum Program    

The introductory program is designed for new students or students with limited experience. All ages are accepted and receive comprehensive instruction on all aspects of drumming from a professional musician and experienced teacher.  Music reading will be integrated  into all levels of the curriculum. 

Intermediate Level Drum Lessons, Online Intermediate Drum Lessons, TJ Case, TJDrums,
Intermediate/Advanced Drum Program    

Designed for students who have previous experience in drumming and want to sharpen their skills or learn new styles of playing. This level is also  for intermediate or advanced  level students seeking to  advance their skills to higher levels.

Online Drum Lessons, Jazz,Rock,Swing,Metal,pop
 All Genres & Styles Taught  

All methods and styles of drumming are taught. (Rock, jazz, swing, country, metal, pop, EDM etc) according to the student's interests and needs.

Customized Online Lessons, TJ Case Drumming Teacher
  Customized Drum Programs 

All drum lessons, online or local, are private sessions,  customized for the individual student experience level and needs.  Beginning and intermediate level classes teach all  types of music.  More advanced students can specialize in the types of music that suit their needs. Music reading is integrated in the lessons.