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TJ Case is a trained professional musician, record producer, YouNow partner and producer as well as an experienced teacher, who first picked up drumsticks when he was two years old and has never stopped. Initially learning from his musician father, Ontario music legend, Mike Case,  TJ has continued learning and perfecting his craft, while maintaining the teaching he began when he was only 17. He was also an experienced session musician, performer  and record producer in his native Canada before coming to Nashville to work on his current projects. He has played in music festivals for thousands of people and in clubs,showcases and concert venues. TJ Case,performing as TJDrums has had multiple selections as a YouNow Editor's Choice and is a frequent featured performer on that site for his legion of fans and subscribers.

TJ's live broadcasts have more than 6.5 million views on YouNow. In addition to his YouNow showcases, TJ also worked as drummer on an album with Nashville based singer/songwriter & performer Tyson Hanes, and famed producer and musician, Sol Philcox-Littlefield.  The album, State of Emergency, and multiple singles will be released in mid 2021. Other Than That the first single from that album, as well as other singles from the album are now available for purchase and streaming.

In addition , TJ works as the permanent  drummer for Tyson Hanes and works with many other Nashville based bands as well, both on in Nashville and on the road.  TJ also teaches and conducts workshops when his busy schedule allows.

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Los Cabos Drumsticks

MEE Audio
Soultone Cymbals

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