TJ is a much in-demand drummer/studio musician in Nashville Tennessee. He is a versatile & energetic presence on stage, who knows his way around most music genres & styles. That energy & versatility also manifests itself in his studio work and his livestream performances which have been viewed by more than 7 million people so far.  In addition to his freelance and studio work, TJ drums for Tyson Hanes, Keegan Jacko, Clyde Sutton and others. TJ  is the drummer/bandleader for Hunter Lott. 

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        7.1  million views on livestream  





just a little rest
photo shoot in Springfield Tennessee
Drum lifts
part of the ever ongoing Nashville mural tour
a chilly night downtown Nashville
behind the glass
enjoying the sunshine in Nashville
Oh Canada
You want me to do what?
Taste-testing Los Cabos drumsticks..
in the studio with Sol Philcox-Littlefield
pretending to be cool during  a photoshoot at Love Park Nashville
First Nashville the Nashville mural of course
charting a song at Gold Cassette Studios in Nashville
Photo Shoot with Tyson Hanes
photoshoot for new Mapex drums & Humes & Berg Cases
just a little wired after a show


just a little rest


I& Other Events

DATES                                         ARTISTS                                   VENUE                            LOCATION         

April 15,16,17                     Keegan Jacko               Sidewinders            Roanoke, VA

May 7,8                               Romeo Vaughan           Private Event           Blair, WI

May 29                               Jimmy Charles               Private Event          Iowa City, IA     

May 31                                Keegan Jacko               Tin Roof                   Detroit MI


June 2,                                 Keegan Jacko               Frugthaven             Greenville, MI

June 3                                  Keegan Jacko               Iron Well                  Grand Rapids, MI

June 4                                  Keegan Jacko               Gravity                     Lansing, MI

June 16, 17, 18                   Keegan Jacko               Tin Roof                   Del Ray Beach,FL

July 7                                  Andrew Mack                 Private Event          Indiana, PA

July 9                                  Andrew  Mack                Festival in the Park      Punxsutawney,PA

July 16                                Brennan Burns               Cowboy UP              Greenville, SC

July 21,22,23                    Brett Westgrove              Elrays                        Iowa City, IA 

July 29                                Tyson Hanes                   Private Event            Highland Park IL

July 30                                Tyson Hanes                   Pondapalooza           Indianapolis, IN 

August 20                             Keegan Jacko             Tin Roof                     Louisville, KY

August 28                             Hunter Lott                  Private Event              Nashville,TN  

September 3                         Tyson Hanes                Private Event          Seymour, IN

September 16                       Keegan Jacko             Tin Roof                    Lexington, KY

September 17                       Keegan Jacko             Tin Roof                    Lexington, KY

September 30                       Brennan Burns                                              Charleston, SC

October 1                               Brennan Burns                                              Chalreston, SC

November  24                        Keegan Jacko             Tin Roof                     Del Ray Beach, FL

November 25                         Keegan Jacko             Tin Roof                      Del Ray Beach, FL

November 26                         Keegan Jacko             Tin Roof                      Del Ray Beach, FL


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